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EF CHEMISTRY respects the privacy of all individuals that visit its web sites and all the information collected about you will be used to carry out any service you may demand and to improve the company methods of providing services to you. We do this by using the information suitably.

Such information shall not be disclosed to anyone other than EF CHEMISTRY , its subsidiaries or affiliated companies; license owners, agencies and sellers of any of these companies and other companies from which services are demanded by EF CHEMISTRY directly or indirectly in favor of you. They will be processed according to legal provisions regarding data protection and they can be stored and processed firstly in and out of European Union or at any place of the world. They will only be used in scope of services and marketing of the related products and services of EF CHEMISTRY . As an individual you have the right to learn the information we have about you and make corrections if necessary; also you have the right to demand from us not to use such information. We will do anything we can to respect your demands.