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About Us

EF Kimya has been offering services to many sectors in our country since 2001 thanks to its broad experience and knowledge, in scope of the products of the world's giant chemistry companies.

Our wide product range mainly includes chlorinated solvents (methylene chloride, perchloroethylene, trichloroethylene) in addition to the modified alcohols, alcohol, ketone, acetate and glycol groups.

The sectors to which we offer services are: foam, adhesives, shoes sub-industry, polyurethane systems, metal, machine, dry cleaning, laundry, textile, electrical household appliances, rubber, packages, plastic, maintenance chemicals producers and paints.

Having been the representative of Dow Chemical Company's hydrocarbons group in Turkey between 2008 and 2015 years, we now continue our journey with Olin brand as the result of the cooperation between Dow Chemical Company and Olin Chlorinated Organics since 2015-October month, with the same quality and stronger supply structure. We also manage the distributorship of (Düsseldorf based) Safechem Europe GmbH in Turkey.

In addition to its supplier identity, EF Kimya also continues to carry out supportive activities regarding the human health and environmental awareness with its "For a healthy and beautiful future" mission. Consequently we are happy to present the Waste Management Information Letter to our environmentally-conscious customers.

We take strong steps by protecting the human health and the environment while ensuring efficiency, savings and uninterrupted quality in production, and we continue to grow, learn and develop thanks to you, our valued business partners' support. We would like to express our endless gratitude to the valued managers of all of the establishments and institutions in scope of our portfolio, who gave us the chance to provide them with our services.

Yours Sincerely,