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OLIN Chlorinated Organics

Olin is a Virginia company that was founded in 1892, and its management offices are located in California. The company focuses on 3 main business branches as the chlorinated alkali products, chemical distribution and Winchester products, and is the 4. biggest producer in USA chlorinated alkali sector in the North American market for more than 100 years.

Dow Chemical Company GmbH is one of the leading chemistry companies in the world with its approximately 58 billion dollar annual turnover in 2014 year. Dow, which operates in 180 countries, has 53.000 employees throughout the world. Dow has more than 6000 products produced in 201 fields and in 35 countries throughout the world.

These two chemistry giants of the world combined their forces and have become the most assertive brand of the world in the chlorinated solvent group. As of October 2015, Dow Chemical Company GmbH’s chlorinated products business units [U.S. Gulf Coast Chlor Alkali and Vinyl (CAV), Global Chlorinated Organics (GCO) and Global epoxy works] united with Olin.

Olin is currently the world leader in the chlorinated alkali products, chlorinated organic and epoxy production. Olin users are going to directly benefit from this leadership in this field. The production expertise of both companies, their widespread distribution network and world-wide coverage area came together to offer the highest quality of products and services to Olin users.